How to get diamond in free fire account from rooter app?

 Hello friends, in this article today, we are going to give you information about how to get diamond in the account of rooter app se free fire, so if you want information about it, then this article is for you, you can read it till the last And friends, if you do not have any information about how to get free dj alok in the rooter app and you want to know, then I am going to inform you about that too today.

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Friends, many people must have already read the video or article about the rooter app, but you have not yet understood the way to perform the ear, but never mind, friends, we are going to give you a good information about it right now and the rooter Anything you earn in the coin, if you say it in your paytm wallet, then you can also take it in paytm.

There are many ways to earn in the rooter app, but friend, if you are thinking that you will get a diamond for free in the same way from the help of the router, then you are thinking wrongly you should work on it to get the diamond in your free fire account. You have to do this and you can also upload videos of your gameplay and you can do it and friends, there are many ways in which I am going to inform you.

How to download Rooter App from where else?

Friends, if you do not know how to download the rooter app and where is it, then there is no problem, we are going to give you good information about it, friends, you will find the router app on Palke Store itself, so you can search it in the Play Store. Can be downloaded easily.

By the way, I gave you the link of the router app in the download button, after clicking here, you will come to the Play Store and you will find the router app here as well, so you can download 5 million of it on the friends play store. There are more than one download that you can also check and if you want to read its review, then you can also read it in it.

How to create your account on rooter app?

Friends, you do not need to do much to create your account in the router, if you have a mobile number, then you can create your own account in it and use it and you have to get a coin inside the router app. After which you get a diamond for free, but we will talk about it further, now we know how to make an ounce.

how to get diamond in free fire account form rooter app
Rooter app

First of all, you have to open your router app, after that you will see the option to enter the mobile number and it automatically shows your number which is in your mobile, if it is not there, then you can find your new number yourself. You can add and after that an otp comes from the rooter app on your same number, to verify which you have to verify by putting it and friend I want you one more button that if you want in paytm account then you are here Verify by entering the same number which is in your paytm account.

How to get unlimited diamond from rooter app?

Friends router app has given you a lot of ways to get unlimited diamonds through which you can get friends, how many people can topup diamonds in their free fire account and friends not only here Many people have taken dj alok for free fire account for free so you can also take it.


Friends, you can put small videos of your gameplay in it and you can also download it, and after sharing this app with your friends, you can also download it and friends, not only that, you can also live in it. There is also an option to do this, so if you want, you can also go live and if you do not have to upload the video, you can also watch it and take the free reddem code in your free fire account.

Friends, you also get to see the daily task here, after completing which you can select a coin inside the router and from that coin you can enter the uid of your game and take a lot of diamonds in your freefire account. And you can do unlimited bars and you can get diamond after that.

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