how to get free diamond in free fire game ?

 Hello friends, today we are going to tell you how you can take diamonds in your free fire account for free, friends, if you play the game then you must have seen a lot of people that they keep good emotes and look good, but friends You do not have and you also want that if I also have some Emote, then how can I get them to know about all of them?

Friends, you will also get to see a lot of dress or bundles with emote which are very good, so if you too have a good bundle, then you will try to learn about how to take a friend free fire. If you have to take anything, then you should have diamonds in your free fire account, if you do not have it then you will not be able to take anything.

complete information on how to get free diamond in free fire game. 

Friends, the first way to tell you about how diamond is taken in free fire is that you have money and you keep on topup, so if you continue to toup in free fire then there is no problem. Even if we do not, there is nothing, we are going to give you information about it too.

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                     free fire diamond ka paisa rozdhan se kaise kamaye ?

Friend, there are many ways to get you free diamonds, which I have mentioned below, so if you want to study then you can read after you go, in that I have told you some way that one or two will not get many diamonds. .

What is the way to take free fire me diamonds?

Friends, there are many ways from which you can get diamonds, and the way I will tell you is that it is not that you will get diamonds immediately but there is a way that you can get diamonds in 1 time. Whatever method I am going to tell you, some of it is going to be very good to you because friends, in this way, many people who are unable to topup do it.

First way of watching free fire live streaming on youtube?

Friends, now many people will be wondering how diamonds will be found by watching the live stream of free fire, then I will tell you how to get it. Friends, there are many free fire youtubers who giveway every day in their live streaming, they add people through team code and give them diamonds ya dj alok or whatever they giveway to them. is the best by which people get diamond.

Another way is by downloading the earning app?

Friends, there are many earning apps on the play store which you can earn from them after downloading, however, this is not so easy, because no other app will give you money like this and many do not give money even after working. If you have to, first of all, find an app that gives the right money.

When you find an app like that, then you can come online and you can see the video of whatever Earning app is on YouTube first, if it is right then you will know. By the way, there are many apps on the play store like I told you about the rozdhan app too, so you can earn from it and topup it after taking it in your paytm.

But friend, it takes a little more time to give money, like 7 days or 8 days and it is withdrawrwal after 200. When you are 200, then you can take it in your paytm and you can get 200 Arn. You can also tell how you can do it, you also get referral earning in this and you can earn a lot even after completing the daily task.

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